Veronica Gabriele


Focus Areas:
Cyber, Life/Health, Mobility

What’s currently on your radar/what in ventures are you excited about?
Experiences, products, and services I can try firsthand generally excite me the most. I enjoy stepping into the shoes of consumers. We are in a special time in history – technology has allowed consumers to demand better solutions to problems society has just learned to live with for generations. From disruptors in mobility, financial services, insurance, and consumer brands, we have more choice and transparency now than ever before. Understanding which of these new companies are here to stay is my mission as a VC and actually using these products and services is a great way to source startups and start the diligence process.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?
The two most important traits I value in my career are creativity and leadership. VC is a great platform for exercising both of these muscles and is a perfect balance of independence, knowledge, and risk. If I could not be a VC, I would like to lead my own company or more seriously pursue a pop-rock singing career.

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